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    see you in may~

    Photography by zuru1024

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  2. Poom Gems [ZLMT-20]

    Today marks April 1st. The day that ZOOM LENS officially becomes #POOMGEMS. We hope you appreciate our change in clientele and that you read the YELP review provided in the images above.

    A full tracklist is posted as well, featuring many “gems” by that of our artists. Including covers by Scatman John, slap bass versions of Meishi Smile, Eifel 65, vocaloid, nu-metal, nightcore and trap.

    Real gems. Real poom. #POOMGEMS

    Enjoy and download over here: http://zoom-lens.org/zlmt_20.html


  3. 4.01.14 


  4. hrvst:

    you’ll get two of each version per pack. there isn’t much to go around, so get them soon!



  6. KDVS x ZOOM LENS Interview

    Feat. Michal of The Bilinda Butchers, Cyclops Rock, MEISHI SMILE, Slime Girls + Space Boyfriend. We talk about our current projects, upcoming stuff on ZOOM LENS and important things like Scatman John.


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  8. kyleyerhot:

    Here’s my set from the Zoom Lens x SPF420 event

    1. Taeyang - RINGA LINGA (Uio Loi Remix)
    2. Uio Loi - W.N
    3. 12v. - Recover 5.12 [Gear Change]
    4. Dreamer G - I Got That Feeling (Original Extended Mix)
    5. Kerri Chandler - Atmospheric Beats
    6. Meishi Smile - Heart (Uio Loi Remix)
    8. T.O.P - DOOM DADA (Uio Loi Remix)
    9. Cherry Brown - でぢたる☆でぃすこ feat. ななひら
    10. Uio Loi - M_EEYUUKII
    11. Uio Loi - Boogu3
    12. Uio Loi - Boogu4
    13. Uio Loi - Boogu5
    14. Uio Loi - Nylon


  9. mus-hiba:

    Live at SPF420 x ZOOM LENS 1.28.14


  10. ZOOM LENS Podcast #15 - Bug Spray Edition
    ZOOM LENS Podcast is back from wherever and/or whenever, and MEISHI SMILE is joined today by Jami of Space Boyfriend to discuss the new album “bug spray (never give up),” the 19th album off of ZOOM LENS, which is out on February 25th, 2014. Pedro of Slime Girls and Rob of Cyclops Rock talk as well, alongside the haunting laugh of their mystical friend Mahoushoughost.

    Download our latest release, “Guts” by KinokoNiji

    -Space Boyfriend’s Influences and Bug Spray
    -The Deeper Meaning of Chiptune and Electronic Music
    -The Internet in Relation To Musicians and Personality
    -Re-Releasing Music
    -Koji Nakamura (iLL, Lama, Supercar)
    -The Punk Rock Ethos of ZOOM LENS
    -Dragged Rob Zombie Into The Convo…
    -“So What You’re Saying Is That ZOOM LENS is the Shrek of Net Label Music?”
    -The Parental Advisory Sticker on Bug Spray’s Cassette
    -The Bakersfield Flag is Literally a Bugle Snack and Jami HATES Bakersfield
    -KoRny 2012 and The Nu-Metal Ethos of ZOOM LENS
    -Fred Durst, Death and Cum

    Listen Here: http://www.mixcloud.com/zoomlens/zoom-lens-podcast-15-22314-space-boyfriend-bug-spray-edition/


  11. We now have a Storenvy to better showcase our merch, so please check out our new store! Thank you everyone.



  12. cephalope:

    poster for mus.hiba


  13. thymiiine:

    It’s @tragicallyshoujo



  15. KinokoNiji
    Guts [ZLEP-11]

    1. Space Rabbit
    2. Fruity Boy
    3. Pomegranate
    4. Floral Wallpaper
    5. Honeysuckle
    6. Clarabelle
    7. Yumemi Yumeno

    The 11th EP by ZOOM LENS.
    KinokoNiji is a “DIY Geek Synth-pop inspired by mushrooms, rainbows, death + cartoons.” Guts is a grotesque, yet charmingly intimate piece of work. Bright pop compositions struggle for clarity through its industrial leanings and noise-filled breaks, creating an atmospheric and chaotic dream world.  “I hope you enjoy my guts.”

    Download/Stream: http://zoom-lens.org/zlep_11.html
    Released by ZOOM LENS: http://zoom-lens.org/