1. Poom Gems [ZLMT-20]

    Today marks April 1st. The day that ZOOM LENS officially becomes #POOMGEMS. We hope you appreciate our change in clientele and that you read the YELP review provided in the images above.

    A full tracklist is posted as well, featuring many “gems” by that of our artists. Including covers by Scatman John, slap bass versions of Meishi Smile, Eifel 65, vocaloid, nu-metal, nightcore and trap.

    Real gems. Real poom. #POOMGEMS

    Enjoy and download over here: http://zoom-lens.org/zlmt_20.html

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    April 1st is over, but #POOMGEMS lives on….
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    I contributed many tracks to support the new direction of POOM GEMS. Guess which ones they are.
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