1. space boyfriend
    "bug spray (never give up)" [ZL-19]
    Download/StreamPurchase CassetteZL Bug Spray Edition Podcast

    1. overture
    2. space boyfriend
    3. x
    4. bug spray
    5. cutie cake
    6. watermelon party
    7. honeydew
    8. starry sea
    9. gazing upon a dazzling galaxy
    10. surpass the universe
    11. a letter to a dying sta
    12. shadow aspect
    13. ill moonlight
    14. never give up
    15. always give up
    16. take care of me (part 1)
    17. take care of me (part 2)
    18. someday my prince will come
    19. bug spray (reprise)

    "You are strong, I love you, and please, never give up"
    thank you and goodbye beautiful summer


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    ayy got my copy today and i feel a little more complete as a person
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    I released a record earlier this week that means a lot to me. A terrible lot. I would like if you could check it out!...
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    If you missed it, my first release with Zoom Lens, “bug spray (never give up)” is NOW AVAILABLE!
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