1. KinokoNiji
    Guts [ZLEP-11]

    1. Space Rabbit
    2. Fruity Boy
    3. Pomegranate
    4. Floral Wallpaper
    5. Honeysuckle
    6. Clarabelle
    7. Yumemi Yumeno

    The 11th EP by ZOOM LENS.
    KinokoNiji is a “DIY Geek Synth-pop inspired by mushrooms, rainbows, death + cartoons.” Guts is a grotesque, yet charmingly intimate piece of work. Bright pop compositions struggle for clarity through its industrial leanings and noise-filled breaks, creating an atmospheric and chaotic dream world.  “I hope you enjoy my guts.”

    Download/Stream: http://zoom-lens.org/zlep_11.html
    Released by ZOOM LENS: http://zoom-lens.org/


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    Yo, one of my best tumblr buds just put out an album. Space Rabbit is so fucking amazing and hardcore. I’ve been excited...
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