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    Smoke Room - “Collection” (2010-2012)

    A collection of songs recorded by Smoke Room from 2010 to the start of this year. Although it may perhaps appear firsthand as a sort of hard drive dump rather than a cohesive “album,” Collection is the best introduction to Smoke Room’s musicianship and his talent across all borders, Smoke Room crafting his art across several music planes and paying close attention to every detail that makes said music emotively and technically effective.

    If familiar with Smoke Room’s music already, you will notice recurring musical tendencies such as heavily manipulated samples that turn around upbeat pop music into works of infinite despair, not just beats, but full-on compositions. Also strewn out through the album are more experimental works, such as the closing track, “Deer, Miss,” which is a 10 minute meditation on shifting noise frequencies.

    In listening to Collection, although as cohesive of an album as it is, it transcends just simply being an “album.” From hearing 2 years of Smoke Room’s work, we are not only introduced to him as a prolific musician, but as a person through the noticeable emotive changes throughout the album. Collection is the most definitive of Smoke Room’s music yet.

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    i have listened to this and i know how much it fucking rules, you should treat yourself to the experience and fuckin’...
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    wonderful music collection by SmokeRoom :)
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