1. Zoom Lens Mix for The Nerdist

    1. Thought Tempo- Untitled [Unreleased]
    2. Uio Loi- Holographic
    3. LLLL- Drafting Still
    4. Yuko Imada- Sunrise
    5. Malta & Thought Tempo- Nastajssa / When You Wake [Unreleased]
    6. i-fls- dry riverbed
    7. yeule - Ending
    8. Space Boyfriend- In Your Mind (Demo)
    9. Ulzzang Pistol- ガールフレンド [Unreleased]
    10. yasumiyasumi- Tokyo Digital Love

    Made this mix for The Nerdist. Contains some new and unreleased Zoom Lens tracks set to drop this coming year!

    Artwork by Mahoushoughost.


  2. kyleyerhot:

    REAL FUN - AUG 23

    Playing here Saturday, August 23rd 2014


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    I N S P I R E D B Y L O V E




  7. zoomlens:


    Tonight at 8PM PST!

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  8. hyper-enough:

    LLLL - You


  9. Projection Mapping on Dakimakura
    Sample Visuals by Daydere for Zoom Lens x Glitch City




  12. omniboi said: I'm so glad I found you guys. I'm a music producer moving to LA in a few months and can't wait to attend some of your events!

    Thanks! We’re starting to throw more Zoom Lens events and one of us is always play a show somewhere. Looking forward to seeing you at an event in the future!


  13. sobercats420 said: Will you guys ever restock your zoom lens shirt? i wanna support u so hard.

    Thanks for the love. Michal and I have been wanting to make a new design for quite awhile, so I think we’re going to try and do that first. But we realize the first shirt has a pretty memorable image and ever since it first sold out we’ve had tons of people ask for it. We’ll definitely reprint them, but not too sure when. We’ll be sure to update when we do though.


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